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Don't let the bugs ruin your summer. Tender's After Bite�, America's #1 bite treatment, has provided relief from painful and itchy insect bites and stings for over 30 years. But After Bite� isn't just for mosquito bites; it also works great on ALL insect bites and stings such as black fly, chigger, gnat, fire ant, bee stings, hornet stings, even marine-life stings. Remember: You can't erase the itch, unless you have The Itch Eraser�!

After Bite� comes in a convenient pen-like vial with a handy clip, making it easy to take anywhere. In addition to After Bite� Original, the product line also includes After Bite KIDS�, a non stinging cream formula, and After Bite XTRA�, a powerful gel formula.
best sellers

After Bite KIDS

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