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Armed with backgrounds in hairstyling and marketing and a will to succeed, John and Lotte Davis started AG Hair Cosmetics in the basement of their Vancouver home in 1989. Now, 20 years later, AG is a true success story. Dissatisfied with the performance of many of the professional products in the market, John and Lotte started the company with one simple vision - to create superior hair products. The clean lines and high-quality feel of the products have continually captivated AG's loyal and growing customer base. In fact, AG has one of the highest repeat purchase rates in the industry. For the past 20 years, AG has boasted hair products that are unique, salon tested and created from quality ingredients. John and Lotte continue to lead their business, developing new and innovative products and helping consumers create their own style with substance.

best sellers

biggwigg Root Volumizer

Dry Wax

dv8 Texture Spray


re: coil Curl Activating Balm

Sea Spray

Split End Spa Serum

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