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The Armpocket™ has been developed by a team of active athletes. Needing to carry their cell phones, car keys, energy bars and gels on their long pre-marathon training runs and the gym - they tried every type of carrying device known - hip-packs, back packs, belts, multi-pocket running shirts and shorts. After several bruised hips, strap welts, dropped and moisture-damaged cell phones and car keys, they came up with idea of the Arm-pocket. After 3 years of constant improvement, the first Armpocket was launched in 2006, creating the world's most comfortable and versatile hands-free carrying system- best of all, Armpockets are ECO-Friendly.
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Armpocket Flash

Armpocket Sport i20

Armpocket Sport i25

Armpocket Ultra i-35

Armpocket XTREME i-30

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