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Quasar Light Therapy develops products that use LED Light Therapy in a non-invasive process. The Baby Quasar uses red and infrared lights to deliver low level pulses of lights to activate skin cells. The Baby Quasar converts light energy already found in skin cells to promote the healing of acne and anti-aging effects. The Baby Quasar can reverse the appearance of aging skin, shrink enlarged pores, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles with light wavelengths that penetrate far beneath the surface of your skin. This can mean many benefits for skin, including better circulation, firming, moisture retention, radiance, reduced sebum production, and reduced inflammation for such skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. This excitement of cells also promotes collagen and elastin growth, and helps reduce acne, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, redness, and sun damage. The Baby Quasar also increases lymphatic drainage, which detoxifies tissues.

If you are not satisfied with your Baby Quasar Skin Care System purchase and would like to return it for a full refund, less shipping please send the unused product back within 30 calendar days of the receipt of the product.

best sellers

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