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For babies, growing up can quite literally be a bumpy road!

Although getting bruises from crawling and walking are all a natural part of life, Lil' Melon understands that sometimes giving your child an extra layer of protection can help them be more confident to be mobile on their own.

Lil' Melon's special baby knee pads were developed out of a mother's desire to give her daughter the boost she needed to handle all roads ahead with a smile.

best sellers

'G' Giraffe Baby Knee Pads
(with silicone traction)

Alphabet Baby Cloth Wipes
Pack of 10

Birdie Baby Knee Pads
(with silicone traction)

Elephant Knee Pads
(with silicone traction)

Flower Baby Knee Pads
(embroidered design)

Monkey Baby Knee Pads
(with silicone traction)

Sail Boat Baby Knee Pads
(embroidered design)

Sea Turtle Baby Knee Pads
(with silicone traction)

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