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Each piece of Lisa Leonard's jewelry that's created is a work of art- hand cut, hammered, polished, drilled and assembled with care. Lisa is inspired by other artists - painters, scrapbookers, clothing designers and poets. She also loves to soak up nature-the sky, the sea, the green hills. She lets all these ideas and images swirl around in her mind and then she creates. When an idea hits her she sketches it out and plays until the perfect design comes together.
best sellers

Baby's First Spoon

Blessed & Lucky Necklace

Brave Love Necklace

Devoted Bracelet

Dewdrops Necklace

Family Tree Necklace

Forever Necklace

Hand-Stamped Rectangle Keychain

Heartstrings Necklace

Illuminate Necklace

Molded Heart Bracelet

Open Circle Necklace

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