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Created by fashionable moms who know! ModestMomz's 5-in-1 Breastfeeding Poncho is by far the most stylish & versatile nursing cover on the market. With chic color combos, an interior pocket for breast pads, a large cowl neckline, and UNLIKE other brands, it is long enough to cover mom's love handles and backside! Unique in design and function, ModestMomz has the modern mom covered...literally! And, it's multifunctional! Use as a stroller sun shade, receiving blanket, maternity wear, or car seat canopy.
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Chloe Breastfeeding Poncho

Elle Breastfeeding Poncho

Jada Breastdfeeding Poncho

Sadie Breastfeeding Poncho

Sophie Breastfeeding Poncho
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Taylor Breastfeeding Poncho

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