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The Mood-factory Mission is Simple: To Improve Moods.

Mood-factory does this by teaching you how to engage all of your senses, in the correct way, to create a more desirable state. Research shows that the more sensory experiences you engage, the more profound the change. The initial product line from Mood-factory is Mood-lites; based on the sense of sight and how colors interact with our vision to create moods. Mood-lites allow you to immediately change the color of a room without needing to repaint or refurbish and can turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary escape, with only the flick of a switch. Mood-lites are available as CFL, Incandescent, Candle and Flood at Lowes Home Improvement stores nationwide.

Mood-factory donates at least $0.25 from each Mood-lite sold to iFred, an organization dedicated to shining a light on depression.

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