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Mouth Man was Founded by Ross Valory, Original Member and Founder of the rock band Journey. One day, on a short break from touring, Ross was visiting friends, sipping coffee and "just hanging out" his friend's kids were tearing around the house doing something they referred to as the "JAWS"... According to Ross, the kids were running through the house in a single line, arms crossed one over the other, elbows splayed out in front, and opening and closing in a chopping fashion and making monster noises. He thought it was cute, and didnt think much else of it. Until another day, some 20 years later, when that very memory just arbitrarily "popped" into his head. Ross "hugged himself" in the same fashion those kids did years ago, and thought, "hmmmm, it would be cool if there was a shirt with a graphic on the sleeves that would form a face with a mouth that would open and close when you put your arms together!" That was the lightbulb moment for Ross Valory! And the soon to be Mouth Man Enterprise was concieved.
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