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Established in Hong Kong in 1999, o.d.m. is a brand of highly designed technical timepieces created for the style conscious consumer. Their mission is to be "original, dynamic & minimalist" and this philosophy is what inspired their name. They remain true to that with every single watch they design. In 2006 they added the term "inno-trendy" to their internal and external communications to deliver the message that they are constantly developing new technologies and integrating fashion-based elements into their designs.
best sellers

Pixel Daze

Pixel Daze Red

PLAY 100A-1

PLAY 100A-2

SPIN DD100-1

SPIN DD100-10

SPIN DD100-3

SPIN DD100-5

SPIN DD100-6

SPIN DD100-7

SPIN DD100-8

SPIN DD100-9

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