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Puddle Jumper Shoes began in October of 2003, by Utahn Carrie Miner. Having two girls who loved shoes, Carrie became inspired to create a quality collection. Focusing on European styles with bold colors, top quality, comfort, durability and affordability, has made the line unique and appealing.

Puddle Jumper Shoes is committed to giving back to the China Orphan Relief Fund. A portion of their annual profits are donated to this non-profit organization in hopes of improving the lives of so many children in the world.

best sellers

Brown & White Polka Dot Sandal
with Removable Flower

Brown Criss Cross Shoe
For Infants

Buckle Boots
In Pink and Brown

Cherry - Lime Striped Maryjane

Cherry Lime Polka Dot Slip-Ons

Cherry Red & Lt Pink Polk A Dot Slip-ons

Chocolate Polka Dot Boots

Chocolate Puddle Jumpers

Festive Footwear

Hot Pink Polka Dot Mary Janes
For Toddlers

Light Pink Maryjanes
with Ruffle & 5 Separate Flowers

Navy - White Polkadot Sandal

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