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Skidders Footwear, Inc, a division of Celebrity International, Inc., was founded in 2008 with a unique collection of infant shoes that can be worn indoors and outdoors. The idea behind the Skidders hybrid shoe was that kids shoes need to be light weight, fun and offer the child enhanced traction and protection. Skidders kids can walk, run and play safe indoors and outdoors. Skidders also launched a unique collection of indoor gripper socks. The Skidders crossover socks were developed to enhance traction for kids playing on hardwood floors and tile surfaces.
best sellers

Ballet Slippers

Crystal Grips

Gripper Slippers

Mary-Jane Skidders Shoes

Plush Baby Booties

Sherpa Lined Slipper Grips

for Boys & Girls

Sneaker Style Skidders

Sock Pals

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