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A professional skincare line carried in spas worldwide, YonKa features botanically-enriched creams, lotions and concentrates, all tailored to help meet every need from extremely sensitive skin to aging, sagging, acne, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, and even post-surgery skin.

Holistic and tailored to each person, YonKa treatments combine the science of the product, the skill of the aesthetician, and the philosophy of giving to restore healthy, fresh, glowing skin and a firm, toned body.
best sellers

Body Contouring Cream

Eau Micellaire

Hydra No 1 Serum


Masque No 1

Body and Bust Firming Treatment Cream

Phyto Contour

Serum Vital

Stimulastine Jour & Nuit Wrinkle Treatment
Age Correction

Vital Defense

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