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Beach N Bag
by Livin the Dream
Oversized and full of the essentials for toting
all your things, this great big beach bag
makes the perfect tote for the pool, beach
tennis, gym, yoga, ice skating, even a diaper

This very cool bag has it all! With its massive
size and built-in compartments, it will accom-
modate everything from sunscreen and cell
phones to flip flops, towels and everything
in between. Durable enough for use with kids
yet chic for a day out, this bag is ready for action!

Just load up your blackberry and favorite
essentials and head to the beach, hit the
gym... then out to dinner... this tote can carry
your entire day!

And yes... you can travel with it! After your
day of fun, simply wipe off with a damp cloth
to clean, smash it down, and throw it in your

Grey PVC bag body, roomy interior pockets,
cell + camera compartments.

Dim: 13" H x 19" W
Camera + Cell Pocket: 8.5" H x 8"
Inside Pocket: 8.5" H x 8" W




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