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Curling Custard
Natural Styling Gel
Curling Custard gives moisture and curl
definition, hold and brilliant shiny hair all
in one product!

It reduces bulk, defines & elongates your
curls helping them to 'hang' better.
Curling Custard will bring out the
natural curl or wave pattern you never
knew you had!

It is an advanced botanical formula made
with All-Natural ingredients that
nourish and strengthen the hair. Utilizing
the humectant properties of the Agave
Nectar, Curling Custard will give
weight to your hair, define your curls,
remove frizz, provide long lasting hold and
shine without ever being greasy, crunchy
or drying to your hair.

This high performance product is very
concentrated so a little goes a long way.

8 oz jar $17



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