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Groove Thin Silicone Ring
Groove "Thin" is designed for the person
looking for a little less bulk but the same
great function.

Like the Groove Original, the Thin is a
unisex ring that looks great no matter
who is wearing it.

Groove is the only active ring on the
market to offer breathability. Because of
this, Groove is to be worn snuggly on your
finger which keeps your ring from catching
and grabbing on things in your environment.

Made from 80 durometer medical grade
silicone, Groove is the first and only active
ring to be liquid poured. This means fine detail
and perfect design with little to no mold
marks or flaws.

Groove silicone is resistant to most common
chemicals including gasoline, oil, diesel, &
household cleaning products. Also, it's non
porous, non conductive, heat resistant, and

Available in 3 colors.
Shown in Lilac Purple and Midnight Black.

$29.95 each.



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