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Baked Finishing Powder Satin Glow

Jira Couture


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The Baked Powder formula is the best of both worlds, with the creaminess and blendability of a liquid foundation and the ease of use of a pressed powder. This marbleized powder helps to create
the perfect balance for your complexion.

The formula works for toning down shine and hiding imperfections, while enhancing skin with a healthy glow – providing an airbrushed quality.

This is also multi-use, so it can use for your eye colors, a mixer with your eye colors if you aren’t a good blender without the mark color uneven but even out your eye color special dealing with dark eyes or smokey eyes and also give you 10% of the tan glow the same time but not look oily and stay all day.

Hyopallergenic and Paraben-free.