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COBA Counterbalance Glute Trainer

COBA Board


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The COBA Board Glute Trainer’s patented counterbalance design puts you in the right position to increase gluteal muscle activation while minimizing the use of your quadriceps and knees during squats, lunges and deadlifts.

Its design provides a training solution to help shape, tone and strengthen glute muscles faster, safer and more effectively than other methods.

#buildabetterbutt !


  • (1) Platform
  • (1) Main Handle
  • (3) Std.Under-Board Bands (20 lbs. resistance)
  • (3) Glute Bridge Bands (30,40, 50 lbs. resistance)
  • (1) Glute Bridge Nylon Strap
  • (3) Std. Kickback Band – Dk. Blue (10, 15, 20 lbs. resistance)
  • Extra Light and Heavy Bands Package
  • (1) Kickback Nylon Strap
  • (1) Cloth storage bag
  • User Guide
  • Free on-line App (Apple and Google App stores)
  • Light and Heavy Bands for a wide range of bridge and kickback movements