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Kampuku Beauty Bar

Essential Formulas


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Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Kampuku Beauty Bar is receiving accolades from the natural product industry, health practitioners and consumers alike
due to its exclusive formula that supports the skin’s ecology by delivering nourishing probiotic and prebiotic extracts via an all-natural, non-drying formulation that clarifies, balances and rejuvenates the skin on the face and body. Crafted from 14 natural plant extracts, the  Kampuku Beauty Bar merges natural ingredients, ancient Japanese fermentation skills, and modern science to create a clarifying, balancing, and rejuvenating beauty bar gentle enough for the entire family. Honored for the third time with the ‘Best of Beauty’
Award by Better Nutrition Magazine. Suitable for daily use on all skin types. No animal by-products,  preservatives or synthetic colors.