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Stem Cell White Caviar

EMK Beverly Hills


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This luxurious skin treatment is a dual action brightener and wrinkle smoother. It instantly brightens skin then lightens dark spots over time for beautifully clear, even tone. 94% saw immediate whitening. Skin will look brighter and more glowing with your first application as the suspended, encapsulated pearls release safe and gentle yet potent marine extracts.

The lightweight gel targets darker pigmentation areas to make skin even toned over time. The silky serum has a patented wrinkle filler to help make wrinkles and lines less visible as it plumps skin and improve supply tone. Antioxidants protect skin from photo aging. Leaves a silky barrier toblock pollutants and keep skin clear and glowing. Paraben Free, Lanolin Free, Hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested.